CHAIRMANS REPORT June - July 2011  

Ngāi Tai tangihana acknowledgement

The Board acknowledges the passing of Hariata Gordon from Ngāti Paoa. For those who knew and worked with Hariata, her passing is a significant loss to Ngāti Paoa and her whanau, moe mai e kuii.


Bi-Monthly Overview

The focus for June and July remains concluding of the Ngāi Tai Agreement in Principle, AIP. Whilst this was originally scheduled for late June, this has now moved to late August due to a number of matters. There a number of outstanding issues at hand that are still being resolved related to the Crown Cultural and Quanta Redress offers and a review to the current Crown Commercial offer to Ngāi Tai. It looks more likely that our AIP will not be announced until October or November 2011.

In respect to the outstanding matters related to the Cultural Redress, the Crown has just made a Collective offer of three Motu (Islands) to the Tāmaki Collective (late) of which the Ngāi Tai negotiation team has opposed. Our opposition is based on whakapapa and the historical evidence that Ngāi Tai has to these significant wahi tapu environments and taonga.

The Crown has also engaged with Ngāi Tai directly in respect to negotiating Ngāi Tai interests to these Islands separately as well. The Crown is targeting a Draft Deed of Settlement for Tāmaki Collective in September or October 2011.

Our historical research and evidence work continues to inspire. As such, the team has now received most of the cultural sites of significance historical account and evidence for Ngāi Tai to negotiate with the Crown from this significant work in particular to the DOC Estate throughout the Ngāi Tai wāhi including the Islands. Accompanying the research evidence is a series of Maps with the appropriate data enshrined in a bounded booklet form.

This Map booklet was presented at the July hui a iwi and was referred to during the hui. The historical research and account is being supervised by whaea Carmen Kirkwood and has been recently reviewed and scrutinised by the negotiation team (Cultural Q.A), Dr Monty Soutar.

Iwi members who attended the cultural site visits during summer earlier this year will recall the filming and iwi consented interviewing that was facilitated by the research team. The raw footage of this work is almost complete however there are still a number of interviews the team would like to include as part of the iwi member record of engagement and participation and will thereafter require appropriate editing to a twenty to thirty minute package.

We have recently received a Crown Commercial Property offer where we have engaged diligence expertise. This offer was also recently amended to confirm the scope of the Ministry of Education and also to advise an addition to the original offer.

It will not be until we receive the Crown Cultural, Commercial Property and Quanta offers and also add the Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki element of the Hauraki AIP Equivalent and the Tāmaki Collective that we will know what the complete settlement package will be with respect to the final makeup of the Ngāi Tai AIP. The negotiation team will be Reporting and hopefully celebrating our Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki AIP at the October or November 2011 hui a iwi. We anticipate this day as historic and well attended.

The highlight of the two months has been the signing of the Hauraki Collective Agreement in Principle (Equivalents) or similar to an AIP. This occurred on Friday 22 July 2011 in Thames. Iwi members can download the monthly Reports of the Hauraki Collective Negotiations Update at:

Our Post Settlement Governance Entity, PSGE, subcommittee continues to prepare the many tasks and considerations for the iwi members and the negotiation team to employ and implement. This work will begin crystalising in August 2011 where the theme and focus of our monthly hui a iwi will be work-shopping with iwi members their desires, aspirations and other views in this regard. McCaw Lewis is engaged as our PSGE advisor and shall be present during the two hui a iwi.

Once the PSGE iwi work-shops are complete in early October 2011, the sub-committee shall articulate and summarise the iwi input so as to inform the voting process and PSGE recommendation presented to iwi members to consider adopting, endorsing and ratifying at the Deed of Settlement voting phase in 2012 – 2013.



The Board continues to meet fortnightly. The Board will not be the Governing authority for Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki as a result of the current treaty settlement negotiations and are also excited by the proposed PSGE workshops for iwi members as this is all part of the current sacrifice the Board trustees and negotiators are committed and determined to achieve with respect to the Board objectives and outcomes associated to post settlement Governance Entity and Operational Management of Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki assets, equity and cash quanta.

The Board are busily developing enduring relationships with Crown, Central and Local Government agencies and authorities, public infrastructure and private business sector. Many of these relationships are in the embryonic phase of engagement and establishment. Some like the new Auckland Council are a continuum of previous Council relationships spread across the Tamaki region that the Board and other Ngāi Tai authorities maintained. These and all other relationships and associated agreements and contracts will also become the express property of the Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki PSGE once the Deed of Settlement is confirmed also in 2012 – 2013.

Human Resource

The Board has engaged the expert property services and advice of Opus International. Opus is providing the negotiation team the property values and comments associated to each and every Crown Commercial property offered to Ngāi Tai.

The negotiation team has also engaged the expert Trust and PSGE tax and investment advice of Deloitte. Deloitte are responsible for taxation and investment advice that will serve the PSGE once the PSGE is nominated, voted on and constituted.

Dr Monty Soutar as mentioned above is currently undertaking the historical research and account Quality Assurance responsibilities. As a Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki descendant, Ngāi Tai are very lucky to secure such expertise.


Hui A Iwi

The June and July hui a iwi were held at Te Puru Scout Hall, Maraetai. Both hui were constructive and valuable for both the iwi members and the negotiation team. Over the next three monthly hui a iwi August, September and October, once the monthly update is complete, the hui theme will be about PSGE (as described above) through break out iwi group work-shops.

Our next hui a iwi is Sunday, 4th September 2011.


Ben Roll

The Board and negotiation team remain totally committed to locating and enrolling all descendants of Te Whataatao, (Te Whatatau) of Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki. Recently, the Board has had TV and Radio adverts playing in May and June to attract Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki descendants to consider enrolling. In August the team is meeting with Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki iwi whanui at Mataitai and Whakatane where the team will be updating and enrolling iwi members onto the Beneficiary Roll.

The Board has just launched their Facebook Page where iwi members can enroll similar to the Board Website. The Board are running weekly print outs of visits and registrations from these mediums of communications.

The Board will be considering rolling out a Beneficiary Enrolment Advert in the NZ Herald, other city centre papers and local Auckland Couriers immediately after the Ngāi Tai AIP is initialed.

What we know being Maori and Ngāi Tai is that ‘’word of mouth’’ still works best for Maori so the Board and team appreciate the many whanau efforts encouraging other whanau to enroll as we know this still to be the most effective tool our Maori people will attract and engage to enroll.

The Board continues to make the Beneficiary Enrolment form and process available at the monthly hui a iwi


Next Milestones

The next Milestone the negotiation team is focused on is still the completion of the Ngāi Tai AIP. It is hoped that the next chairman’s bi-monthly Report includes celebrating this historic occasion. The negotiation team also celebrates a two year milestone whereby the iwi members provided the Board and negotiation team the interim mandate to engage in historical treaty settlements with the Crown on 6 August 2009.


Whanau Fun Day Report

Team Big Foot continues to enjoy and celebrate healthy whanau fun days and events. On Sunday 23 July, Team Big Foot participated in the Woodhill State Forest fun run. In August the team are participating in the Whitford Forest fun run. Keep an eye on the Website and Facebook for the pictures taken from these great whanau fun days, ka mau te wehe Jeff, Billy and whanau team.

Team Big Foot is also preparing for the Cultural Revitalization initiative starting in November 2011 at the monthly hui a iwi with the theme being kappa haka where each iwi member will be taught a waiata, the meaning and the actions for the waiata. The Board is preparing to frame our Ngāi Tai cultural revitalization with kapa haka and learning ten waiata new and old over a ten month period.


Mauri Ora,

James Brown,
Chairman, Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki,
Chief Negotiator, Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki.