CHAIRMANS REPORT February - March 2011  

The recent earthquakes in Christchurch and now Japan causes for moments of reflection in particular for the many whanau who have suffered the loss of a whanau member. Sadly, we remember Kyle Jack-Midgley, (27), who was killed in the collapsed CTV building in the Christchurch earthquake. Kyle was the eldest of four sons to Suzanne Jack, (Te Uri Karaka) and Neil Midgley. Kyle was also a previous Head Boy of Dilworth College and his final Karakia was held within the Whare Karakia of Dilworth College and will most certainly be sadly missed. To whaea Suzanne, Midge and whanau we convey our deepest sympathies.


The negotiation team met with the Minister of Treaty Settlements in February whereby further commitments were confirmed by the Minister to Ngāi Tai in respect to ensuring the Crown and Ngāi Tai meet the current AIP and DOS targets and milestones.


Unfortunately because of a range of weather warnings our initial February hui a iwi was postponed until 20 March 2011. The Auckland Council Mayor, his worship, Len Brown shall be invited again for a later hui a iwi possibly during the winter months a s a result of postponing the February hui a iwi.


The Board conducted the rescheduled hui a iwi on Sunday 20 March 2011 and a great day was had by all on the Wairoa, te Hunua (East Wairoa Raupatu) tour of some of our significant cultural sites of interest. The dip and lunch at te Hunua Falls was refreshing and spiritually cleansing for those who entered into the freezing Falls pool. The Negotiations Update handed out at the 20 March hui a iwi and site visits provides an update to our iwi members on our settlement negotiations progress to the end of March 2011.


The Board shall conduct at least two or three hui a iwi in the month of April at Torere, Makarika and Motutapu Island, (accommodation permitting). The road show is also a strategic attempt by the Board in respect to promoting and increasing the Te Whatatau and Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki registration enrolments for the treaty of Waitangi negotiations and settlement for Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki.


Currently the negotiation team are heavily immersed in a range of tasks and milestones including but not restricted to, engagement with neighbouring hapu/iwi. Completing the Historical Account-Research for perusal, consideration and approval is also a priority task. Valuations to a range of specific Ngāi Tai sites are currently being considered by external experts as well. Quanta is also a significant topic which the negotiation team is preparing to engage with the Crown negotiator on at the moment as well.


The negotiation team continues to meet fortnightly with the Crown negotiator and alternate Fridays with the Tāmaki and Hauraki Collectives respectively. Waiohua Tāmaki roopu who Ngāi Tai are a part of within the current Pou Roopu, Nga Mana Whenua i Tāmaki Makaurau also meet every Wednesday morning.  With a mid-2011 AIP date in sight, time frames are short for the Board and negotiation team to successfully complete negotiations with the Crown.


The Board continues to meet monthly whilst the Board Executive continue to meet on fortnightly occasions. The Board is fast approaching their end of Financial Year. In due course the performance of the Board 2010 – 2011 year will be Reported and accounted at the next Annual General Meeting, 2011. The High Court case has had a recent Order which at this time the Board is awaiting final legal advice as to the most effect legal options for the Board to consider engaging whilst the Board works diligently with the Courts and serves the iwi members.


In my January Report, the Board commented on the Post Governance Entity workshop process and inclusion of our registered members in designing and developing this component of works. The Board hopes to have these workshops starting between July and October 2011.


In the interim the Board remain encouraged and enthusiastic in their respective roles and responsibilities. The Board is also overwhelmed with the vast majority support it is receiving on a daily basis from many whanau members, registered and otherwise. We do encourage all those who affiliate to Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki to register, either online or by requesting forms from the Board.


The recent Round The Bays and Dual Events have enabled our Board to encourage and support more whanau fun days for our tamariki. I see these types of whanau fun initiatives as a positive distraction reminding us all of how important whanau are.


The Boards next hui a iwi on Motutapu Island shall assist in identifying and advancing Ngāi Tai specific interests to the Island. I look forward to seeing you all there.


Naaku iti nei naa


James Brown


Chairman, Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki


Chief Negotiator, Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki