General Scholarships and Opportunities
General scholarships are offered to Ngai Tai from external sources. The scholarships can range in criteria from Maori and Pacific Island to scholarships offered specifically to Ngai Tai tangata. However all Ngai Tai are eligible for all scholarships listed below.
  Department of Conservation Employment Opportunities  
The Department is the central government agency that is charged with managing New Zealand’s natural, historic and cultural heritage on behalf of all New Zealanders. Our aim is to demonstrate the increasing benefit that conservation provides to New Zealanders.
The Department’s vision is that New Zealand is ‘the greatest living space on Earth’. This vision is larger than the Department and encompasses economic and social concerns not just environmental ones. It is based on the assumption that the Department will be successful in engaging all New Zealanders in work that supports healthy, functioning ecosystems.
To be successful, the Department must become more focused on working with others in flexible and innovative ways at less cost. We are skilled in doing conservation work ourselves but we must learn more about how to engage and involve others in the work of conservation. This shift in focus will require people in the Department to work together seamlessly to enable partnerships and grow conservation.
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  Water Care Employment Opportunities  
  Watercare offers a dynamic working environment, a wide range of development opportunities, and competitive conditions of employment. As a Watercare team member, you'll have the opportunity to work with highly experienced people in variety of disciplines including all aspects of engineering, operations, science, customer service, technology, communications, and business support  
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