If you are a descendant of our Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki ancestor Te Whatatau then please
Alternatively CLICK HERE to download and print one of our registration forms, fill it in and return it to the address provided below. If you have children over 18 then please download one for each of them also. If they are under 18 then they can go on your form. Once completed please send your registration form to:
Beneficiary Officer
P.O Box 59
You can also phone our office on (09) 537-9485 and have our Administrator send you an enrolment form
How do I know if I am eligible ?
You must whakapapa to Te Whatatau.
Why should I register ?
Ngāi Tai are nearing the end of settling all outstanding treaty claims with the Crown. Once registered and validated, you will then be able to participate in voting matters, keep up to date with negotiations and events and benefit from our eventual settlement. All Ngāi Tai who whakapapa to Te Whatatau have this right.
How can I tell if I whakapapa to Te Whatatau ?
Usually through whanau links. The best way, if you are unsure, is to ask around your whanau and find out a little more about your family history.
How old do I have to be ?
All Ngāi Tai who whakapapa to Te Whatatau need to be registered regardless of age. If you are over 18 then you will need to fill in your own form. Anyone under 18 will need to be on their parents form. There is a special section for children under 18 on the registration form.
Can I register with more then one iwi ?
Yes, in fact a most of us identify with atleast 2 tribes and are already registered with other organisations.
What if I am unsure whether I am already registered ?
Take the time to fill out our online form. It only takes 5 minutes
Is this the same tribe as Ngāi Tai of Torere ?
No. although we have very strong links, our specific settlement negotiations, this website and our beneficiary roll are maintained and administered by Ngāi Tai of Tāmaki through the Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki Tribal Trust Board.
If I am registered with Ngāi Tai of Torere should I register with Ngāi Tai of Tāmaki ?
You must show that you whakapapa to the Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki ancestor Te Whatatau. If you do then you should register with us also. Being registered on one roll does not mean you are automatically on the other roll.
I've registered, what next?
All applications need to be endorsed by the board. This means that the board will use the details of your whakapapa to validate your registration. Therefore it is very important that you fill out your whakapapa to the best of your ability. Once validated you will receive a confirmation letter outlining the details of your registration. All information held by the board is strictly confidential and used only for matters relating to your registration.
Does that mean I can vote on iwi issues ?
Voting on iwi issues is up to you. You must be 18 years or over and you must have a validated registration.
I am still unsure, how can I find out more about this registration process ?
If you need to change details of your registration then please let us know.
Email us at : admin@ngaitai-ki-tamaki.co.nz